Bildnis XLII



Johnny Mae Hauser (1997) is a Dutch-German artist known for her abstract compositions, a gentle gaze in dramatically rich palettes, pushing the boundaries of photography. Each piece, an expression of the evolution of emotional memory in her distinctly sensible and colourful ways. Inspired by personal life experiences, her images exude a poetic stillness that captures the sentiments of life - introspection, isolation, intimacy and, ultimately, connection. 

Johnny Mae’s work invites viewers into a dialogue with their inner selves, shifting the focus from what we see to what goes on beyond the visible; what we feel and experience. In doing so, Hauser aims for us to expand our perceptions, to question and redefine the way we identify and understand emotion. 

In line with her painterly approach, each of Hauser’s works represent a unique and fleeting moment, captured on film, in camera, in a single shot. Hence, the choice for 1/1 unique editions. 
In her earliest ‘Bildnis’ series, objects ignited a particular memory and image. Followed by ‘Fernweh’ that explores the notion of an intangible feeling - an unfulfilled longing for a place or moment that has never been experienced or may not even exist. Latest ‘Eindruck’ dives deeper, more abstract; aiming to immers viewers in colour and form, both figuratively and literally zooming in on the notion of an emotional expression. 
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Bildnis XLII
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