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Homecoming is a result of a women crew of photography and interior lovers coming together to build a platform for exceptional photography from all across the globe. Aiming to make photography buying and collecting more accessible, diverse and moreover - more exciting.

A space for enthusiasts to get real recommendations and gain invaluable insights. To shape one’s own viewpoint and collect affordable photography with confidence - and at an early bird price.

Our Founders

Homecoming is founded by friends Karlijn Bozon (photo agent) and Nadine van Asbeck (storyteller).

With invaluable support by Rolien Zonneveld (writer), Gabby Laurent (photographer) and Rubia Heyer (social media).

for photographers

Aware of our own personal / professional / physical / cultural and geographical limited viewpoints, and aiming to build a platform that is inclusive to exceptional talent all around the world, we collaborate with a variety of curators from different professional and personal backgrounds.

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