International Women’s Day honors, celebrates and congratulates all the important things women do. Not just for society as a whole, but also in support of other women. But gender equality and inclusion should not only be on the agenda today. We should live and breathe it all day, every day. Homecoming Gallery is a female led and driven company supporting exceptional rising stars from all walks of life, and from every corner of the world. 

Diversity and inclusion in an unbalanced industry have been one of the motives to start Homecoming in the first place. Not only for equality reasons, but even more so to inspire and connect people with creative visions and perspectives other than their own. 

Female support has been key in our founders careers. While working in the film industry our co-founder Nadine joined Girls in Film to help support female directors. And for Karlijn it was her first bosslady Mariette Hoitink whose trust and encouragement kickstarted her career. 

Reflecting on what women do to support other women we asked our female photographers who supported them in their career; gave them that much needed break or helped them ease into the artworld. 

Samantha Johnston
Samantha explains that Sotheby’s London Brandei Estes really helped her progress into photography as a profession, being able to take the plunge into being a freelance photographer. “It was during the first lockdown back in 2020 that I finally found the courage to start selling my artworks online. Soon after Brandei Estes, head of photographs at Sotheby's London, contacted me about buying one of my works. I just couldn't believe it when I saw the email (I still can't). I was nervous sending the print that she might change her mind when receiving it. But she loved it and even pushed her friends into buying my work. “Brandei understands the creative process that goes into each print. She is so passionate about photography and really knows what goes on behind the lens, and how hard it can be for artists and photographers to break into the industry. To have her support has really been a life changing moment. She has always stayed in touch and has helped me reach a larger audience. I have now grown stronger and more confident in what I do.” 


Samantha Johnston - 'Awkward Situation'

Samantha Johnston - 'Awkward Situation'

Denisse Ariana Pérez
For Denisse it was her first agent who helped her realize the value of her work. “Lucrecia Taormina didn't only see my work for what it was, but she saw its potential. She wanted to meet me in London at a time when I was still quite "private" about my photography. She told me my visual voice was powerful and that my work deserved to be in museums and galleries, she said it had untapped value. She challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and reimagine my work also in a commercial sense. Less than a year later my work was indeed on the walls of the Palazzo Magnani museum in Florence and part of the Zona Maco art fair in Mexico.”

Denisse Ariana Pérez - 'Part of the series 'Girls'


Hayley Eichenbaum
Moving to Los Angeles Hayley didn't know a single person, until she met business owner and art enthusiast Kerry Vitiello (owner of Dustmuffin in Silver Lake). “I had only had male mentors throughout my career. When I met Kerry, she immediately advocated for me and my work in such a caring way. She hosted my first solo show and helped me gain traction in one of the toughest art communities in the world.”

Hayley Eichenbaum - Palm Springs Layers

Hayley Eichenbaum - 'Palm Springs Layers'
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