"Translating as love at first sight Flechazo is photographer Pia Riverola’s ode to the culture, people and spirit of Mexico. Riverola explains ‘Mexico became my motherland instantly, my guide and my inspiration. Its people and nature took care of me in a defining moment in my life where it nourished me to become my own self - both personally and professionally. I felt part of it...
  • press // We Present

    press // We Present

    "Armed with an iPhone and Photoshop, Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng creates captivating photos of everyday beauty in Accra—both staged and spontaneous. While his subject matter is often mundane (children at play, beach-goers and market visitors) his addition of vibrant, unnatural colors emphasizes the simple beauty of his surroundings. Through his work, Derrick hopes to shift perceptions about Ghana and Africa in general, showing...
  • press // Vogue Italia

    press // Vogue Italia

    Prima il docu-film “Black is King” di Beyoncé, ora una mostra digitale. Perché Daniel Obasi è l'artista da seguire adesso  A Daniel Obasi e ai suoi ritratti, la Homecoming Gallery – @homecoming.gallery è una galleria digitale che riunisce il lavoro di artisti emergenti sparsi in tutto il mondo e mira a coinvolgere una nuova generazione di collezionisti – dedica uno spazio esclusivo, curato da...
  • press // Dazed

    press // Dazed

    Daniel Obasi’s photos spotlight the queer communities of Nigeria Inspired by sex, sci-fi and Afrofuturism, the photographer makes work for the country’s minorities, offering a perspective that allows them to ‘dream and be free’ The last few years have seen a significant shift in what we see, as we widen our gaze beyond Western fashion ideals and beauty standards. Nigerian-born Daniel Obasi is one...
  • press // Blind Magazine

    press // Blind Magazine

    Lisa Sorgini’s World Behind Glass The photographer’s tender photographs of new mothers in the shelter of their homes capture both the beauty and isolation of motherhood. In the early stages of the pandemic, when the world went into lockdown, the photographer Lisa Sorgini felt a strange sense of familiarity in the eeriness and the unease. It reminded her, she realized, of what it felt...
  • press // AnotherMag

    press // AnotherMag

    Daniel Obasi Is Dismantling Societal Power Structures Through His Art Lagos-based stylist, photographer and director Daniel Obasi is the subject of a new exhibition at Homecoming Gallery, exploring the essence of identity and sexuality through his personal lens and the societal viewpoints of his native country, Nigeria. Curated by Azu Nwagbogu, founder of the African Arts Foundation and Lagos Photo festival, the special project showcases a variety of...
  • press // FD Persoonlijk

    press // FD Persoonlijk

    On view now and featured in this weekend’s FD Persoonlijk (Dutch Financial Times magazine). Lisa Sorgini’s limited fine art prints as well as her book ‘Behind Glass’ are on view and available at MENDO de l’Europe, Amsterdam (only few left). Learn more here.
  • press // Photo Vogue

    press // Photo Vogue

    Lisa Sorgini. Spotlight.  South Golden Beach, Australia Lisa Sorgini (b. 1980) is an Australian artist currently residing in northern New South Wales (Bundjalung Country).In 2021 she has had works selected as winner of the Lucie Awards Portrait Project and CCP Ilford Salon for ‘Most Critically Engaged’ image, been selected to have work exhibited in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait prize(UK) , as well as...
  • press // British Journal of Photography

    press // British Journal of Photography

    Shining a light on the energy: Derrick Ofosu Boateng and his love of Ghana “I want to use my work to put art on the educational map” “Accra is a welcoming place,” explains Derrick Ofosu Boateng . “The streets are busy, but the mood is peaceful. People are kind and good spirited. There’s a sense of joy, an upbeat energy that seems to be...


    Hueism by Derrick Ofosu Boateng for DOCUMENT JOURNAL X LOUIS VUITTON "Nothing has changed in respect to the richness of African art - it is the bridge of understanding that is broken." Read more about Derrick's visions here. Unique 1/1 edition fine art prints available. Get in touch via hello@homecoming.gallery
  • Press // Dezeen

    Press // Dezeen

    Hayley Eichenbaum captures the 'punchy absurdity' of Route 66 roadside architecture
  • Press // Wallpaper*

    Press // Wallpaper*

    Hayley Eichenbaum - A photographic trip through America’s roadside façades
  • PRESS // FD Magazine

    PRESS // FD Magazine

    Photographer Hayley Eichenbaum drove eight times down Route 66 to create an epic love story with the SouthWest of the US.
  • PRESS // Vogue Italia

    PRESS // Vogue Italia

    On Beauty, Mystery And Spirituality: The Warm, Compelling Portraits Of Denisse Ariana Pérez  
  • PRESS // Nataal

    PRESS // Nataal

    Nataal speaks to the Derrick O. Boateng about his solo show with Homecoming
  • PRESS // Residence

    PRESS // Residence

    "To me, the magic lies in looking around us and actively look for beauty."
  • PRESS // BJP

    PRESS // BJP

    Shining a light on the energy: Derrick Ofosu Boateng and his love of Ghana.
  • PRESS // ELLE Decoration

    PRESS // ELLE Decoration

    Homecoming Gallery is the go-to online shopping destination for photo art.
  • PRESS // FD Magazine

    PRESS // FD Magazine

    FD Magazine features Samantha Johnston's solo show


    Vogue to-do: Derrick O. Boateng's solo expo at Homecoming Gallery


    Co-founder Karlijn talks to Elsewhere about entrepreneurship.
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