• Daniel Obasi

    Daniel Obasi

    It has escaped no one’s attention that over the last couple years, Lagos has become one the most exciting creative hubs in the world – churning out exceptional talent in culture, fashion and music. One of the names breaking on the scene is Lagos-based multidisciplinary artist and creative Daniel Obasi, who's been doing graphic design, styling, photography and filmmaking in the last five years...
  • Lisa Sorgini

    Lisa Sorgini

    The subject of homecoming is no stranger to photographer Lisa Sorgini. Her work has connected women, mothers, and children from all around the world. Lisa’s distinctive photography is both romantic and real, showing the many faces of being a mother. Her play on light and dark is reminiscent of Dutch Old Master paintings, with a strong focus on colors and depth. In our overview...
  • Olga De La Iglesia

    Olga De La Iglesia

    We chat to photographer Olga De La Iglesia while the morning sun is hitting the wall behind her in her studio in Spain, showing why so many creatives pick Barcelona as their playground these days. For Olga though it’s where she grew up, where she developed her love for analogue photography, and where she created her signature style. From unique narratives through colors and...
  • Hayley Eichenbaum

    Hayley Eichenbaum

    It’s eight in the morning in sunny Los Angeles when we ‘Zoom call’ with photographer Hayley Eichenbaum. Hayley is immaculately put together for this early in the day. She always wakes up between 4 and 6 AM, when she’s creatively at her best. We talk about road trips, the importance of words and how she would sneak out of class to spend time in...
  • Deo Suveera

    Deo Suveera

    Growing up in Thailand in an artist family, photographer Deo Suveera has always been fascinated by observing people, objects and nature. After graduating from The Royal College of Art in London he's back in his hometown Chiang Mai, where we talk to him about his time being in a band, the importance of mentorship and his love for taking strolls in the parks of...
  • Hugo Yu

    Hugo Yu

    It’s November 3rd, 2020: election day in the US. Amidst the COVID pandemic, we Facetime with photographer Hugo Yu to talk about his work and vision; a welcome distraction especially on a day like today when, being from Chinese descent and currently living in New York, his mind is a rollercoaster. Hi Hugo, how did you end up as a photographer in New York?...
  • Denisse Ariana Pérez

    Denisse Ariana Pérez

    We catch photographer Denisse Ariana Pérez in the middle of unpacking boxes and trying to blend in with the Spanish locals. While the world is at a standstill due to the pandemic, Denisse just moved from Copenhagen to Barcelona. We chat about her Dominican upbringing, not wanting to be put in a box and porridge… Hey Denisse, what is Barcelona like right now? It...
  • Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    We catch up with Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng on the day that his artworks are being released on the covers of the highly anticipated album of iconic rapper Common. Beaming with joy, Derrick talks to us about the colors of Africa, how his father helped his dreams come true and the rise of Ghanaian artists. Where are you at this moment? I’m in...
  • Spotlight // Samantha Johnston

    Spotlight // Samantha Johnston

    Samantha Johnston on playing with colors and why she’s known as the bag lady.
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