"Translating as love at first sight Flechazo is photographer Pia Riverola’s ode to the culture, people and spirit of Mexico. Riverola explains ‘Mexico became my motherland instantly, my guide and my inspiration. Its people and nature took care of me in a defining moment in my life where it nourished me to become my own self - both personally and professionally. I felt part of it from the first moment I arrived, but it also challenged me to fight passionately for myself and my beliefs, which marked a path of growth for me in every aspect of life. Flechazo is my tribute.’ To view Riverola’s work is to be absorbed within a luscious palate filled with touching moments, fittingly, a poetic intermezzo by her partner and father to their firstborn John Reagan is included. Flechazo also marks a foray into publishing for Homecoming Gallery." 


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