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The Caribbean-born, Barcelona-hailed creative speaks to Vogue about identity, inclusion and discusses the role of human connections with a new exhibit, Encounters. Sometimes a photograph comes along so totally infectious you forget the reams of archives you’ve spent a lifetime curating and a whole day searching. And just like feeble memories, often these moments manage an all-consuming aura which—on a fitfully wistful pace—fades into the ether. Coincidence, maybe, but it’s fascinating to feel the brilliance of how much symbolism could be used effectively to epitomise an inclusive practice.
Or better, a fascination-turned-obsession when understanding, observing and getting closer to people. But back to photography. Bolstered by a rich multicultural background is Caribbean-born, Barcelona-based artist Denisse Ariana Pérez, whose creative thinking stretches—and sizes—beyond the remits of mainstream culture, moving amid the intersection of people, nature, identity and gender.

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