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Homecoming Gallery is a new online space that has risen out of a desire to make contemporary photography from all corners of the world visible to a new wave of art collectors. Amsterdam-based co-founder Karlijn Bozon explains: “The idea started with the many amazing portfolios I came across as head of photo at the agency Halal and realising that most people won’t naturally come across this work until it reaches iconic status and the price has set it up for the lucky few only. Whereas, if you can buy into an artist early, great art can be affordable, and you get to support an artist's practice at a defining moment in their careers.”

Alongside Nadine van Asbeck, who is also the editor-in-chief of Girls in Film, the duo aim to show a diverse roster of artists, in a troublingly unbalanced industry. “By being female ourselves, we’re naturally drawn to the female gaze and are conscious of the need for us women to have each other's backs. With Homecoming we aim to create an inclusive space to all, inviting in different viewpoints, experiences, tastes and styles other than our own,” says Bozon.

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