I want to use my work to put art on the educational map”

“Accra is a welcoming place,” explains Derrick Ofosu Boateng . “The streets are busy, but the mood is peaceful. People are kind and good spirited. There’s a sense of joy, an upbeat energy that seems to be part of our culture. I was born in Accra, and I love to call it my home.”

The love Boateng has for his Ghanian home can be felt throughout his artwork. In his new exhibition for the Homecoming Gallery, Accra’s capital city his focus. Boateng presents the everyday through the loving eyes of a local: people, joy and laughter burst through in his  bold palette. “Through my work, I want to show my appreciation for Ghana. My photography is what Accra is to me, to its inhabitants:a colourful, vibrant and kind place. I’m inspired by the street markets, the colours that are everywhere, and the people and their energy.y photography celebrates Accra’s beauty,” he says. 

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