"Translating as love at first sight Flechazo is photographer Pia Riverola’s ode to the culture, people and spirit of Mexico. Riverola explains ‘Mexico became my motherland instantly, my guide and my inspiration. Its people and nature took care of me in a defining moment in my life where it nourished me to become my own self - both personally and professionally. I felt part of it...
  • Art Wall

    Art Wall

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  • press // We Present

    press // We Present

    "Armed with an iPhone and Photoshop, Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng creates captivating photos of everyday beauty in Accra—both staged and spontaneous. While his subject matter is often mundane (children at play, beach-goers and market visitors) his addition of vibrant, unnatural colors emphasizes the simple beauty of his surroundings. Through his work, Derrick hopes to shift perceptions about Ghana and Africa in general, showing...
  • press // Vogue Italia

    press // Vogue Italia

    Prima il docu-film “Black is King” di Beyoncé, ora una mostra digitale. Perché Daniel Obasi è l'artista da seguire adesso  A Daniel Obasi e ai suoi ritratti, la Homecoming Gallery – @homecoming.gallery è una galleria digitale che riunisce il lavoro di artisti emergenti sparsi in tutto il mondo e mira a coinvolgere una nuova generazione di collezionisti – dedica uno spazio esclusivo, curato da...
  • press // Dazed

    press // Dazed

    Daniel Obasi’s photos spotlight the queer communities of Nigeria Inspired by sex, sci-fi and Afrofuturism, the photographer makes work for the country’s minorities, offering a perspective that allows them to ‘dream and be free’ The last few years have seen a significant shift in what we see, as we widen our gaze beyond Western fashion ideals and beauty standards. Nigerian-born Daniel Obasi is one...
  • press // Blind Magazine

    press // Blind Magazine

    Lisa Sorgini’s World Behind Glass The photographer’s tender photographs of new mothers in the shelter of their homes capture both the beauty and isolation of motherhood. In the early stages of the pandemic, when the world went into lockdown, the photographer Lisa Sorgini felt a strange sense of familiarity in the eeriness and the unease. It reminded her, she realized, of what it felt...
  • press // AnotherMag

    press // AnotherMag

    Daniel Obasi Is Dismantling Societal Power Structures Through His Art Lagos-based stylist, photographer and director Daniel Obasi is the subject of a new exhibition at Homecoming Gallery, exploring the essence of identity and sexuality through his personal lens and the societal viewpoints of his native country, Nigeria. Curated by Azu Nwagbogu, founder of the African Arts Foundation and Lagos Photo festival, the special project showcases a variety of...
  • press // FD Persoonlijk

    press // FD Persoonlijk

    On view now and featured in this weekend’s FD Persoonlijk (Dutch Financial Times magazine). Lisa Sorgini’s limited fine art prints as well as her book ‘Behind Glass’ are on view and available at MENDO de l’Europe, Amsterdam (only few left). Learn more here.
  • press // Photo Vogue

    press // Photo Vogue

    Lisa Sorgini. Spotlight.  South Golden Beach, Australia Lisa Sorgini (b. 1980) is an Australian artist currently residing in northern New South Wales (Bundjalung Country).In 2021 she has had works selected as winner of the Lucie Awards Portrait Project and CCP Ilford Salon for ‘Most Critically Engaged’ image, been selected to have work exhibited in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait prize(UK) , as well as...
  • MENDO x Homecoming Gallery | Lisa Sorgini & Kojo Anim

    MENDO x Homecoming Gallery

    MENDO & Homecoming Gallery would love to welcome you to visit the solo shows of photographers Lisa Sorgini (AUS) and Kojo Anim (GH). Born and raised in Achimota, Ghana, Kojo’s gentle photography showcases a constructed reality where people accept and embrace their cultural heritage and diversity. Inspired by his dreams and the intent observation of the day-to-day activities of people, he attempts to change...
  • Azu Nwagbogu (curator and founder of Lagos Photo Festival)

    Azu Nwagbogu (curator and founder of Lagos Photo Festival)

    One of the most exciting art initiatives to have emerged in recent years is LagosPhoto, the first international festival of photography in Nigeria. Its main aim? To establish a community for contemporary photography that unites local and international artists through images that encapsulate individual experiences and identities from across all of Africa. Heading the festival is director and internationally acclaimed curator Azu Nwagbogu.Having an...
  • Daniel Obasi

    Daniel Obasi

    It has escaped no one’s attention that over the last couple years, Lagos has become one the most exciting creative hubs in the world – churning out exceptional talent in culture, fashion and music. One of the names breaking on the scene is Lagos-based multidisciplinary artist and creative Daniel Obasi, who's been doing graphic design, styling, photography and filmmaking in the last five years...
  • press // British Journal of Photography

    press // British Journal of Photography

    Shining a light on the energy: Derrick Ofosu Boateng and his love of Ghana “I want to use my work to put art on the educational map” “Accra is a welcoming place,” explains Derrick Ofosu Boateng . “The streets are busy, but the mood is peaceful. People are kind and good spirited. There’s a sense of joy, an upbeat energy that seems to be...
  • Hugo Yu x IKEA

    Hugo Yu x IKEA

    From Chinese descent and with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York Hugo’s work has a consistent quiet but graphic quality revealing a postmodernist-inspired soul. Hugo's distinctive aesthetic of serene compositions and saturated colors are omnipresent in his work. Whether applied in documentary street photography or in crafted studio work. For his latest collaboration, Hugo Yu furthers his iconic still life...


    Hueism by Derrick Ofosu Boateng for DOCUMENT JOURNAL X LOUIS VUITTON "Nothing has changed in respect to the richness of African art - it is the bridge of understanding that is broken." Read more about Derrick's visions here. Unique 1/1 edition fine art prints available. Get in touch via hello@homecoming.gallery
  • Hayley Eichenbaum x Burberry

    Hayley Eichenbaum x Burberry

    Check out Hayley Eichenbaum's work at Burberry’s flagship location in Beverly Hills, where Riccardo Tisci’s SS22 collection comes to life in a series of immersive spaces and experiences.     For the last seven years, Eichenbaum has documented her cross-country travels, resulting in The Mother Road series. Her photographic work expands on notions of the veneer; The focus on exterior architecture and curated landscape. Specifically the...
  • Global Peace Photo Award - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    Global Peace Photo Award - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    'Peace and Strength' by Derrick Ofosu Boateng wins the The Global Peace Photo Award.  The Global Peace Photo Award recognizes and promotes photographers from all over the world whose pictures capture human efforts towards a peaceful world and the quest for beauty and goodness in our lives. The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future lies in peaceful coexistence....
  • COLLECTOR // Jetteke van Lexmond

    COLLECTOR // Jetteke van Lexmond

    "My home is a collection of memories from my life; work, travels and family. There are no secrets, there are no rules."
  • Bisou x Homecoming; a love story

    Bisou x Homecoming; a love story

    March 4th-6th from 12.00-17.00 hr at Bisou Gallery  
  • Derrick Ofosu Boateng at Oxford Circle

    Derrick Ofosu Boateng at Oxford Circle

    "Masterpieces should be for everyone, not just the privileged few."
  • Bill Shapiro - Former Editor-in-Chief LIFE Magazine

    Bill Shapiro - Former Editor-in-Chief LIFE Magazine

    It's not just one anecdote that highlights the career of Bill Shapiro, former editor-in-chief of LIFE magazine. It’s a multitude. A man who’s been living and breathing photography for decades. LIFE Magazine was a staple of American culture for decades, bringing iconic images to kitchen tables across the country. For nearly 10 years, Bill Shapiro was at the helm of LIFE magazine and then...
  • Lisa Sorgini

    Lisa Sorgini

    The subject of homecoming is no stranger to photographer Lisa Sorgini. Her work has connected women, mothers, and children from all around the world. Lisa’s distinctive photography is both romantic and real, showing the many faces of being a mother. Her play on light and dark is reminiscent of Dutch Old Master paintings, with a strong focus on colors and depth. In our overview...
  • Holly Fraser // Content Director WePresent

    Holly Fraser // Content Director WePresent

    Over the last few years we have seen a steady increase of brands creating their own unique content. From opinion pieces to videos, podcasts and more, an avalanche of content is being created, leaving our timelines more crowded than ever. But while a lot of new initiatives just add to the noise, WeTransfer’s platform WePresent has brought a refreshing take on creativity, celebrating unexpected...
  • Holly Hay // Photography Director Wallpaper*

    Holly Hay // Photography Director Wallpaper*

    It took Holly Hay a couple of years before she realised that she preferred other people’s photographs to her own. Fresh out of Central Saint Martins, the London-based photographic director had her mind set on a career behind the lens but soon she felt like her output didn’t necessarily reflect her aesthetic. Other photographers did, however, and soon she realised she could communicate imagery...
  • Olga De La Iglesia

    Olga De La Iglesia

    We chat to photographer Olga De La Iglesia while the morning sun is hitting the wall behind her in her studio in Spain, showing why so many creatives pick Barcelona as their playground these days. For Olga though it’s where she grew up, where she developed her love for analogue photography, and where she created her signature style. From unique narratives through colors and...
  • Hayley Eichenbaum

    Hayley Eichenbaum

    It’s eight in the morning in sunny Los Angeles when we ‘Zoom call’ with photographer Hayley Eichenbaum. Hayley is immaculately put together for this early in the day. She always wakes up between 4 and 6 AM, when she’s creatively at her best. We talk about road trips, the importance of words and how she would sneak out of class to spend time in...
  • Deo Suveera

    Deo Suveera

    Growing up in Thailand in an artist family, photographer Deo Suveera has always been fascinated by observing people, objects and nature. After graduating from The Royal College of Art in London he's back in his hometown Chiang Mai, where we talk to him about his time being in a band, the importance of mentorship and his love for taking strolls in the parks of...
  • Press // Dezeen

    Press // Dezeen

    Hayley Eichenbaum captures the 'punchy absurdity' of Route 66 roadside architecture
  • Gunifort Uwambaga - Owner / Publisher MENDO Books

    Gunifort Uwambaga - Owner / Publisher MENDO Books

    When Gunifort Uwanbaga came to the Netherlands together with his family as refugees from the Rwandan genocide of 1994, one of the first things his mother did was take him to the local library. By exposing him to books, she believed, he would quickly pick up the language. She was right of course, like all mothers are. Not only did he quickly learn Dutch...
  • Hugo Yu

    Hugo Yu

    It’s November 3rd, 2020: election day in the US. Amidst the COVID pandemic, we Facetime with photographer Hugo Yu to talk about his work and vision; a welcome distraction especially on a day like today when, being from Chinese descent and currently living in New York, his mind is a rollercoaster. Hi Hugo, how did you end up as a photographer in New York?...
  • Press // Wallpaper*

    Press // Wallpaper*

    Hayley Eichenbaum - A photographic trip through America’s roadside façades
  • PRESS // FD Magazine

    PRESS // FD Magazine

    Photographer Hayley Eichenbaum drove eight times down Route 66 to create an epic love story with the SouthWest of the US.
  • Brandei Estes - Head of Photographs Sotheby's London

    Brandei Estes - Head of Photographs Sotheby's London

    Appreciation of photography has changed considerably over time – there are far more galleries specialising in it now than there were just a decade ago. Where art buyers used to be a bit skeptical about investing in photography – who could guarantee that artists wouldn’t just churn out extra prints? – nowadays it’s truly become a booming market. Brandei Estes has seen the market...
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